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2 years ago

Traditional Lehariya of Rajasthan

Traditional Lehariya of Rajasthan

Different hues and flavors of Rajasthan have made it one of the popular states of India. Whether you are talking about the handy creations or the famous attractions of the state all reflect its rich cultural heritage. Beauty and quality are the some of the primary features of their creation. Lehariya is a superb example of such handicraft product that have made their way out of the country due to the  growing craze of people towards this lovely creation.

Lehariya is basically the traditional system of textile designing. Distinctive patterns are assigned to clothes with this tie and dye practice. Designer Sarees, salwar suits, dupattas for ladies are designed with this old and traditional method. Besides, women, men also love to wear turbans and fashion kurtis, designed in this pattern. And in the season of spring this is the worn by most of the people of the state. Designers of the country are using this long established technique to produce imperial items  in stylish patterns. Complex wavy patterns, zig-zag patterns, stripes or oblique patterns on different fabrics like silk or cotton are usually good examples of Lehariya. These eye-catching designs on vibrant colors look appealing and tourist are very much attracted towards these handicrafts.

Lehariya is an important part of rituals and celebrations of the state. Ladies wear lehariya sarees designed dresses on teej and other festivals. Lehariya is a symbol of covertures on these festivals and girls get this from their parents. And this practice is continued since ages and now younger generation has made it a part of the evolving fashion market. Beautiful lehangas and cholis are designed in lehariya pattern to give it a different look. This handicraft market has grown with times and the future is alo very bright.